Why the book was written

Why the book was written: A digital foreword from the author... 

At the end of a degree in biochemistry I came to the realisation that I had no idea of life’s real purpose: that having assumed there was no ‘meaning of life’ I had made no real effort to discover if there might be one. The most important cause of this was my scientific education and view of modern science’s implications for the meaning of life. The scientific era seemed to render obsolete all previous ideas about the purpose of life. The result was a decision to read every major religion and philosophy in order to understand what teachings they contained that could be reconciled with modern scientific understanding, if any. This led to a long journey of reading that continued through the following decade, taking me from Augustine through to the Upanishads. This book is a distillation of that journey. It isn’t an academic or historical analysis of the world’s religion and philosophies. It is a personal view of the most useful learnings from that reading.

To give an idea of the range of reading that has gone into the book, I provide an abbreviated non-fiction bibliography below (please note this is not necessarily an endorsement of any particular text).

Emmanuel Papadakis, June 2013

Abbreviated bibliography

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